Total 2022 Pickup Truck Sales Data

Below is the collective information for total pickup truck sales for 2022 for all brands and pickup truck models.

For a detailed breakdown of the rankings of each brand of pickup truck for 2022 read: 2022 Top Selling U.S. Pickup Trucks (Ranked)

Each pickup truck has a link associated with the resource for each press release or announcement in which the data was pulled.

In addition, the MSRP value listed is the starting MSRP which was found through the links provided.

Pickup TruckUnits SoldMSRPSales
(in millions)
Silverado HD188,751$38,500$7,267
Silverado LD324,603$34,600$11,231
Silverado MD9,895$49,300$488
RAM Pickups468,344$37,090$17,371
GMC Sierra HD99118$60,990$6,045
GMC Sierra LD142404$41,595$5,923
Toyota Tacoma237,323$27,150$6,443
Toyota Tundra104,246$35,950$3,748
Chevrolet Colorado89,197$26,135$2,566
Jeep Gladiator77,855$37,565$2,925
Nissan Frontier76,183$28,690$2,186
Ford Maverick74,370$20,995$1,562
Ford Ranger57,005$25,285$1,441
Honda Ridgeline42,762$37,640$1,610
Hyundai Santa Cruz36,480$23,990$875
GMC Canyon27,819$26,800$746
Rivian R1T20,332$73,000$1,484
Nissan Titan15,063$28,810$434
GMC Hummer EV Pickup854$110,295$94
Total Pickup Trucks Sales 20222,755,570$95,051
Minimum sales in dollars for pickup trucks in 2022


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