Where’s My Maverick? Speed up Delivery with Priority Allocation

It is no surprise that the Ford Maverick is in high demand.

The demand was extremely high when it came out the first time and even higher when the 2023 was accepting offers.

Some people have received their 2023 Maverick before others have gotten then 2022 Maverick and people are annoyed!

This reddit thread (below) got a bit heated, but provided some interesting insight as to why some customers haven’t heard any updates from Ford, and how to potentially get your order moving faster.

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2022 Ford Maverick: Image taken by MercurySable99 under the following license

What Impacts Ford Priority?

In this section we will discuss some potential reason why some 2023 Maverick orders are being completed before 2022 Maverick orders.

Ford Priority Codes

When you place an order, you will receive a priority code associated with it. This code will be a two digit number printed on your order summary.

A brand new order is given the code of 99. With a code like this, Ford won’t even look at the order created.

Something important to consider is that any order that has been converted from a 2022 Maverick to a 2023 Maverick will become a priority code 99.

When an order is ready to be placed, the dealership must manually go in and change this code to a number between 10-19. This indicates to Ford manufacturing that the order is ready to be completed.

A lower number on this scale will have higher priority.

See video below for full explanation.

Some Ford orders may see that they have a code labeled “02”. This is a different type of priority code.

When a code is in priority 10-19 Ford has not yet acknowledged the order.

When an order moves to priority 2, it is basically a way of Ford telling you that you were supposed to be next on the list, but due to some kind of constraints, your order was not scheduled.

When you are priority 2 it doesn’t necessarily mean that your truck will be built next, but it does put you on the top of the priority list. When Ford allocates a truck to your dealer, they will check to see if the can fulfill orders with priority code 2 before they look at orders with priority code 10.

This dealership does a good job explaining this in the Q&A.

Dealership Allocation

So mentioned in the prior section is dealership allocation.

Dealerships can not order and fulfill as many orders as they place. Based on historical data, size, and location, dealerships are awarded a certain number of allocations.

An truck order can only be scheduled if the dealership has been granted an allocation for that inventory.

So some dealerships simply have higher demand than they are awarded to fulfill which increases the lead time.

Why your order may not have been fulfilled yet

Your order may not have been fulfilled for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that your are stuck in priority 2 because of some manufacturing constraint. In this case, you are in the top priority level, but Ford is facing issues with completing your order.

The second reason could be that your order has not made it past priority 99. This means that your order will never be fulfilled by Ford until your dealership manually goes into the system and changes that request.

Another reason is simply that you ordered from a small dealership and they haven’t been granted enough allocations to fill the order.

The last reason that you may think your order is behind is that you haven’t received any email updates. Some customers have noted that when their order changed, for whatever reason, the new order was not connected with another email so there were no status updates due to a lack of a communication channel.

So what can you do about this issues?

What can you do to potentially speed up your order

One of the biggest reasons that 2023 Mavericks are being delivered before 2022 Mavericks is that larger dealerships are getting through their orders first. This is something that customers can’t control. Keep this in mind for the future that dealership location impacts fulfillment times.

Unfortunately, if you are in priority 2, there isn’t much you can do except wait. You are at the highest level and are at the mercy of Ford to choose to schedule your build.

If you are at any other priority code, you should contact the dealership and request to be put at 10. You absolutely want to make sure that you are not at 99, but if you have been waiting a very long time for your order, the dealership may be willing to manually bump you up to 10 which is the highest priority the dealer can set. (Some dealerships may forget about old orders and prioritize new orders before old orders).

The last thing you can do is to call Ford customer service to get the VIN and determine the status of your vehicle. If you feel you haven’t had any communications, there could possibly be some error in your contact information. So your truck may be in the works, and you just don’t know it yet.


You may be experiencing long wait times for your Ford because potentially:

  • You ordered from a small dealership that hasn’t gotten proper allocations
  • You have a priority code of 99
  • You were granted a code of 02 and weren’t scheduled because of manufacturing constraints
  • Your contact information is incorrect so you don’t know the current status of your order

Things you can do to potentially speed up your order is to:

  1. Check your priority code
    • Make sure it is not listed at 99 then request it be moved to 10
  2. Call Ford customer service to check on the status of your build


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