What is Ford Price Protection? (Answered)

Price protection is a guarantee offered by Ford that when you receive and pay for your truck you receive the price that was originally offered to you.

I was intrigued to understand this better when this guy posted this question on Reddit.

After some research I have found that this is offered to those who have already placed orders and signed some type of contract for delivery and purchase.

There may be another form of price protection which you could receive which would be a private offer by the dealership through an “extend my reservation” invitation, but until an official order is made, no guarantee can be made.

This applies to all Ford vehicles, not just trucks.

If you have received an order sheet, you will be given the price on that order which your dealer has to respect.

what is ford price protection

What is the Ford Price Protection program?

Ford Price Protection provides a guarantee that you will only pay for the car or truck at the price in which the order was placed.

Because over time, demand and supply changes, when you receive a Ford vehicle, the price may change at the dealership.

This can be a surprise when you go to pick up your order and you get a new quote from the dealership for extra thousands of dollars above what you expect to pay.

The original price protection only comes from orders in which an order sheet is created. Simply being on a reservation list does not allow you to get price protection.

How to enforce Ford Price Protection?

Some dealers don’t understand that Ford guarantees the price protection and will tell you that the truck now costs more.

This guy walks through what exactly you need to tell your dealer if they say you are not qualified for price protection and need to pay the higher price.

You just have to make sure you have your order sheet on hand.

When you place an order from the dealer, you will get a summary sheet with the price and features for which you ordered.

This is what documents the timing and price for which you ordered the vehicle.

If you receive exactly what is on the order sheet, you should be paying the price that was offered.

If you make any changes to the vehicle, the price will change with it.

According to this dealer above, when a dealer runs the vehicle and sets an invoice, they will need to manually go in to change the price and/or any incentives that were locked in at purchase.

Don’t fall for dealers that say you don’t get the protection and show them this video of how they can go an manually change the price.

According to this guy, Ford will cover the loss to the dealership to guarantee the price to the customer. Dealers will think they are losing out by not charging the higher price, and without knowing this information you could either pay higher or be forced out of a deal you were planning to take.


Ford offers price protection on all of their vehicles ordered in advanced. If you have gotten to the point in which you received an order sheet with a listed price, you will be locked into that price upon paying for and receiving your Ford.

Some dealerships will not understand this guarantee and will tell you that you need to pay the higher price.

Most dealers think they will lose out on the deal if they don’t sell for the higher price, but Ford pays the difference to the dealership.

Don’t fall for the trap! You deserve the price you expected to pay! Just make sure to read the fine print before you purchase to see if there is anything that deviates from what is said in this article.


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