Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs CrewMax (Every difference)

When considering what cab to get in your Toyota Tundra, you might want to start with the differences.

The Double Cab and CrewMax are two different, and only options available for cab size in the Toyota Tundra.

They both can hold 5 people and both have 4 doors, so what’s the difference?

The main difference is that the Double Cab has 8.3 fewer inches in rear legroom than the CrewMax equivalent alternative. This is based on the 2022 models but this is the main difference between these two cab sizes.

*Based on 2022 Toyota Tundra models taken from

Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs CrewMax

What’s the difference between the Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs CrewMax?

The main difference between the Double Cab vs CrewMax in the Toyota Tundra is that the Double Cab has less room in the back seat. There is 8.3 inches less legroom for the backseat passengers.

Both have 2 sets of fully functional doors and accommodate 5 passengers. The back doors on the Double Cab are a bit smaller though.

2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs CrewMax rear door comparison
2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs CrewMax rear door comparison

As you can see in the image above, the back doors on the Double Cab are more compact than those on the CrewMax.

Compared to old models, they really stepped up the design and added normal handles, compared to ones that were more hidden and harder to use (like in the 2021 model below).

2021 Toyota Tundra Double Cab reference
2021 Toyota Tundra Double Cab

Since I don’t have this truck personally, the video below does a great job showing you the difference between the two types of cab sizes.

What Bed Size fits the Double Cab vs CrewMax?

The Toyota Tundra comes in three different bed sizes.

  • Short: 5.5 ft
  • Standard: 6.5 ft
  • Long: 8.1 ft

Because the Double Cab is shorter, it can accommodate larger bed sizes.

The Double Cab is available with the standard (6.5 ft) and long beds (8.1 ft) and the Crewmax is available with the short (5.5 ft) and standard beds (6.5 ft).

What trims are available with each cab style?

Double CabCrewMax
1794 EditionAvailable
TRD ProAvailable
2022 Toyota Tundra Trim selection for Double Cab and CrewMax

Though it isn’t out yet, the Tundra will be coming out with an HV CrewMax cab but based on the information for the Capstone, these will have the same internal and external dimensions as the other CrewMax cabs.

Exterior Dimensions

Through my data collection, I determined that the data comparing the Double Cab vs the CrewMax for the SR5 and Limited were exactly the same for the internal dimension.

So to make even comparisons, the information below is comparing the SR5 4×2 CrewMax 6.5 ft to the SR5 4×2 Double Cab 6.5 ft and the Limited 4×2 CrewMax 6.5 ft with Limited 4×2 Double Cab 6.5 ft truck.

By doing this, the bed dimensions are consistent between the two models.

Which is taller: Double Cab or CrewMax?

The Double Cab and CrewMax Tundra are the exact same height of 78.0 in.

Which is longer: Double Cab or CrewMax?

The CrewMax is longer than the Double Cab by 12 inches. The CrewMax has an overall length of 245.6 in and the Double Cab has an overall length of 233.6.

Because the Double Cab is shorter, it also has a shorter wheelbase increasing handling. The wheelbase of the Double Cab is 145.7 in compared to 157.7 in.

By subtracting the overall length from the bed length, we can estimate the length of just the isolated cab. This gives 168 inches in the CrewMax and 156 inches in the Double Cab. This isn’t surprising since the Double Cab is smaller.

Which is wider: double cab or crewmax?

Neither the CrewMax nor Double Cab is wider than the other. Both are 80.2 inches wide.

Interior Dimensions

CrewMaxDouble Cab
Shoulder Room

65.0 in
62.4 in

65.0 in
63.4 in
Leg Room

41.2 in
41.6 in

41.2 in
33.3 in
Hip Room

62.6 in
60.5 in

62.6 in
60.5 in
Front Rear

41.0 in
38.5 in

41.0 in
38.5 in
Interior Dimensions Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs Crewmax

As you will notice, all of the front dimensions remain unchanged by the type of cab.

And the only significant change is in the legroom with 8.3 inches less in the rear in the Double Cab.

What’s the same between the Double Cab and Crewmax?

The cab size does not determine the engine in the system. Both trims, regardless of the cab size, had the same engine with the same capabilities and power.

The standard features across all cab sizes are the fuel system, exhaust system, transmission (10-speed automatic), drivetrain, suspension, steering, and brakes.

The bed size is also not impacted by the cab size. Though there are limitations on which cab can fit with each type of bed size, a 6.5 ft bed on a CrewMax is not any bigger or smaller than a 6.5 ft bed on a Double Cab.

Does cab size impact performance?

Fuel Efficiency

Toyota does not report any significant decrease in fuel efficiency for the CrewMax. Both are rated with 18 mpg in the city and 23 mpg highway.

The biggest difference I found was that the Double Cab had a significantly smaller standard gas tank than the CrewMax.

Double Cabs only come with 22.5 gallons capacity while CrewMax comes with 32.2 gallon gas tank.

The 32.2 gallon size is available on the Double Cab, but at a premium.

The CrewMax is slightly larger and heavier, so for regular driving, I would expect the Double Cab to get better mileage.

Payload Capacity

GVWRPayload CapacityCurb Weight

7,165 lbs
7,165 lbs

1,810 lbs
1,700 lbs

5,355 lbs
5,465 lbs
Double Cab

7,035 lbs
7,075 lbs

1,940 lbs
1,860 lbs

5,095 lbs
5,215 lbs
Payload Capacity, GVWR, Curb Weight of 2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab vs CrewMax

Towing Capacity

Max Towing Capacity
11,270 lbs
11,230 lbs
Double Cab
12,000 lbs
11,400 lbs

Both come equipped with a Class IV towing hitch receiver and 7/4 pin connector by default and do not require an additional towing package to achieve these rates.

Are there different packages available for the CrewMax than Double Cab?

For the most part the package options are very similar between the CrewMax and Double cab, but there are some limitations.

The CrewMax comes with front and rear parking assist (with automatic braking) and is an optional package for the Double Cab.

Though the CrewMax seems like the more premium cab, the Double Cab is the only cab size that has the TRD Sport, and TRD Sport Premium packages available.

How to choose the right cab size?

Choosing the right cab size comes down to 6 main factors:

  • Size
  • Back seat passenger comfort level
  • Price
  • Trims
  • Packages
  • Bed Size

If you’re looking for a smaller overall truck size, go with the Double Cab.

If you expect to have passengers frequently in the back seat, get the CrewMax to make their ride more comfortable.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, get the Double Cab (~$4000 savings).

If you are looking for more premium trim options, get the CrewMax.

If you have the TRD Sport or TRD Sport Premium package in mind get the Double Cab.

And if you need a larger bed size (up to 8 ft), get the Double Cab.


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