Trading Rivian R1T for Lightning? A Good Decision?

This user on reddit posted that they exchanged their Rivian R1T for a Ford Lightning. Was this the right choice? We’ll discuss here the major differences between the two and which is best for what type of truck owner.

Was this the right choice?

Both the Rivian R1T and the Lightning are full electric pickup trucks.

Both have been around for over a year. The Rivian R1T, however, can only be reserved through the website where the F150 Lightning is available at some dealerships.

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trading rivian r1t for lightning

Rivian R1T vs Ford Lightning

In general, the R1T and Lightning are quite different vehicles. The price, range, capabilities and size are all different.

Rivian R1TFord Lightning
Cost73,000 lbs56,000 lbs
Range260-400 miles240 miles
Capabilities11,000 lbs
towing capacity
7,700 lbs
towing capacity
front truck
total storage

14.13 cu.ft

11.1 cu.ft
62 cu.ft
Bed Length54.1 in66 in


The Rivian R1T is known to be a luxury pickup truck sitting at a staritng MSRP of $73,000 (

Ford Lightning is much cheaper at $56,000 (


The Rivian R1T lists multiple range options between 260 and 400 miles. These are both larger than the 240 range estimated by the Ford Lightning.

The R1T has more options that change this variable more than the Lightning.


Though Ford is known to supply heavy duty trucks on the market with large capacities, Ford falls short compared to the R1T in towing capacity.

The Rivian R1T can tow 11,000 lbs and the Ford Lightning can tow up to 7,700 lbs.


Outside from the truck bed, electric cars have additional storage in the front truck.

The Ford has a bigger truck by 3 cu.ft and can accommodate 400 lbs.

Though the Rivian R1T has limited front truck space, it offers an additional 50 cu.ft of storage though a rear storage bin and under seat compartments.

The truck bed, however is larger in the Ford Lightning than the R1T by 1 ft making it more capable to transport large items.

What People are Saying

The comments on this reddit post are quite interesting.

A common note between the two was the that F150 Lightning had a much smoother ride. The Rivian R1T is a bit jerky and bumpy.

Though the Rivian R1T is a more luxurious car with premium leather and wood interior, it has a much smaller cab compared to the Lightning.

Though many F150s are equipped for off roading, the R1T is better in this area because of the high ground clearance and improved towing capacity.


So it is hard to compare the two as there are benefits and downsides to both.

If you are looking for a more premium car with better performance and capabilities, the Rivian R1T would be the right pick.

For someone looking for a cheaper option for regular driving with lots of cab space and a larger truck bed would be happy with the F150 Lightning.


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