2022 F-150 FX4 Review: Great for Plowing!

This reddit user just posted a great review of the 2022 F-150 FX4. This person primarily uses their vehicle on flat roads at higher speeds, but does lots of plowing in the winter months.

The verdict from this user is that there are no complaints.

2022 F-150 FX4 Review

According to this reddit thread, there are very few if no complaints about the truck so far.

It seems to supply instant power yielding a smooth ride with minimal to no road noise.

The electronics are strong with great audio systems and connectivity as well as the cameras. There is a front, rear and 360 view on this guy’s truck!

One incredible comment he made is that his truck gets 20 mpg with his driving. That is amazing for this truck. Most other users here have said they haven’t even come close to this number.

The user here has 20 tires and claims to drive on mostly highway and fast driving with quite flat terrain.

2018 ford f150 fx4
Photo taken by RL GNZLZ under the following license (No changes made)

Other Features in this Review

The vehicle this guy ordered was not actually his vehicle. He did not place the order in 2021 like most people. There was someone else that customized and placed the order, but backed out of the deal when it became available. That’s where this guy stepped in.

The truck here had:

  • Double Pane Moon Roof
  • Blank Interior
  • Heated Seats
  • Remote Start
  • Tow Package

What Stands Out

From this review, there was lots of positive feedback. The only thing in question seemed to be the fuel efficiency, but that aside, all comments were in support of this review.

What got the most discussion is the plowing capabilities. With this truck having a great 4×4 engine, it can handle tough conditions which make it great for plowing.

The O.P. said it takes him just a few minutes to get his plow set up. This is the process he follows:

“The plow has a jack stand that you set down once the tower is lowered as far as it can using it’s own hydraulics. When you want to hook up, just use the front camera to line up the bracket, set the pins to lock on the plow, raise the tower into position, then connect the electric cables and raise the jack stand back up.”

So if you come across a 2022 F-150 FX4, and live somewhere with lots of snow, you may want to consider this truck!


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